Evil Eye Editing is a professional editing resource for writers of all genres. It is the online home of Fiction Editor Holly Atkinson. That’d be me, your host.

I have worked with numerous authors in a professional capacity, including New York Times and USA Today bestsellers. My editing style falls under the “firm but fair” heading. I prefer to nurture where possible to encourage author growth, and believe in maintaining a fun environment. That said, I’m not afraid of the red pen of death, and will use it without mercy if needed.

Most importantly, I am a proponent of maintaining your author voice. The book is yours, and it should still sound like it’s yours by the time we complete the editing process.

Evil Eye Editing operates on the philosophy that the relationship between editor and author should be collaborative and educational. We have the same goals — that is, we all want the book to succeed.

Questions? Feel free to drop me a line at evileyeediting@gmail.com.