Service Agreement

Why would you want a service agreement? A service agreement serves several purposes to the benefit of both you as the author, and myself as the editor. The key points are the following:

  1. We will both have a reference of all services being performed on your manuscript, and what each service entails. This helps ensure that I complete the job you have hired me for, and clearly defines the scope of that job.
  2. Each service agreement will include a clause recognizing you as the legal owner of the manuscript in question, and that your work is not to be shared with any party without your express written permission.
  3. Each service agreement will detail the payment method and schedule we have agreed upon.
  4. Each service agreement will express the edited versions of each book are the sole property of the author and at the editor surrenders any claim to the book’s financial success.

Please note, this is not a publishing contract. Rather, it is a way to recognize and guarantee protection of intellectual property for you, the author, and confirm our agreed upon scope of work and payment for services rendered.

Contact me if you’d like to see a sample service agreement.